More than just equipment

Our services go far beyond the provision of equipment.

Ecodanusa guarantees you the most complete support in pre and post sales throughout the entire partnership,

allowing you to always work with maximum confidence in the performance of your systems.

So that Health never stops!

Expert advice for choosing the solution

Complete solution installation

User training

Maintenance and technical assistance 24h

Integrated Technical Assistance and Maintenance Services

Our team of specialists for maintenance of Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Pulmonology equipment MULTIMARCA installs, trains and trains your team to operate the system effectively. PREVENTIVE / SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS We carry out interventions on equipment at previously defined time intervals or according to customer or manufacturer specifications. The interventions are carried out with the equipment in operation, aiming for it to remain so. The preventive and scheduled maintenance program ensures correct performance, prevents equipment failure or degradation, and also minimizes unplanned downtime.


Ecodanusa Maintenance Contracts are scalable offers that meet your specific health needs. To provide the best quality of service, customers with warranty or maintenance contracts will always have a high priority.

They include one to two Annual Visits that include:

Checking Endoscopes
Verification of Light Sources
Processor Check
Electrical Safety Testing
Support in Reprocessing
Clarification of Doubts
Preventive Maintenance Reports

Full-risk contracts cover unexpected and extreme situations, guaranteeing the replacement of equipment.

We cover the entire range of equipment in an Endoscopy and Reprocessing Room:

Endoscopy Towers
Ultrasound Endoscopes
Reusable Bronchoscopes
Light Sources
Water Pumps and CO2 Insufflators
Reprocessing Machines


Filipe Moreira

Technical Services