SpeedyCare™ Satélite

SpeedyCare™ Satellite brings flexibility to your disinfection processes. The Tower can connect up to 6 satellite devices, adapting to a specific room and space geometry. The Tower acts as the brain of the network, mastering the cleaning process, including safety features and exposure times.

The Satellite concept is especially designed for the disinfection of spaces with multiple small rooms and complex geometries such as fitting rooms or public bathrooms.

The robots feature a set of UV-C lamps that deliver the right dose of radiation to effectively inactivate pathogens both in the air and on the surface. The user selects the LOG factor, i.e. the disinfection percentage. Typical values used are 90%, 99%, and 99.9%.

For a 99% inactivation of pathogens, a 5m2 room can be disinfected in 2 minutes.

The larger the room and the higher the LOG factor, the longer the disinfection time.

SpeedyCare™ 1500 generates its own WiFi network, so it can be controlled wirelessly by a conventional tablet or smartphone.