Radial Echo-Endoscope

Mastery of vision:
Achieve a wider view with the EG-UR5’s 360° viewing angle and get an unbiased perspective at every step. The device has a large field of view that does not compromise the endoscopist’s front field of view. The high-definition outputs of both the endoscopic and ultrasound systems provide exceptional diagnostic accuracy.

No important detail is missed thanks to the EG-UR5’s adjustable focus points, broad spectrum of ultrasound frequencies that penetrate deep into tissue.

Mastery of functionality:
Easy switching between a various display modes, B/M/CFM/Power Doppler/Pulse Wave Doppler, to adapt to clinical needs. Assisted not only by ultrasonic information but also by SonoScape’s chromoendoscopy technology, touchpoint diagnosis becomes possible.

In addition, the EG-UR5 offers an integrated 2.2mm working channel that allows for direct biopsy.

Mastery of comfort:
The EG-UR5 has a small distal end with a short bending radius as it deflects in all four directions. Its versatility and flexibility will be appreciated by both you and your patients.