Phototherapy device: BL-200D

Dual side phototherapy for more effective radiation: upward and downward phototherapy can be used separately;
Three levels to adjust irradiation: Low, Medium, High;
LCD screen of the upward phototherapy unit displays the therapy time with timer and countdown;
Bottom phototherapy unit contains a blue LED lamp source and an independent air cooling fan;
The upward phototherapy unit contains large, uniform, efficient and long-lasting blue LED lamps;
The protective plates of the infant crib can be folded for clinical use;
The light head of the rising phototherapy unit can be adjusted 360° horizontally and 180°vertically;
The support column can be adjusted ±360°;
Anti-rust aluminum alloy base;
High irradiation, easy to operate and move;
With drawers and lockable castors;
The height of the ascending phototherapy is adjustable;
Automatically record the total treatment time used;