Machines: INNOVA™ E3s CMS

Meets EN ISO 15883-1/-4/-4/-5 and RKI guidelines (e.g. by thermal disinfection of final rinse water in machines with boilers);
Can be flexibly deployed together with another INNOVA™ E3 CMS AER to accommodate 30 to 40 reprocessing procedures per day;
Advanced technology CMS (Flow Control) system for the highest long-term patient safety;
AER is ideal for all conventional endoscopes from Fujifilm™, OLYMPUS®, PENTAX®, STORZ®, WOLF®, etc;
Leak testing throughout the reprocessing program for careful reprocessing;
Reliable traceability in every cycle through documentation of the individual process parameters;
Simple integration into a wide range of hospital systems and tracking software. Possible transfer of endoscope and process parameters.