Global Medical Solutions

We operate in the medical devices, equipment and materials market, providing and providing technical assistance.

We sell products of different types: medical equipment and devices, disposable and reusable consumables, collaborating with a vast network of public and private entities (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, among others), national and international.

We are representatives of internationally renowned brands that excel in innovation and high standards of certified quality, namely: SonoScape, FibroScan (Echosens representatives exclusively for Portugal and Africa), Medi-Globe, Hebu, Cantel, Vigeo, Endocontrol, Capsovision, among others.

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Technical assistance

Our services go far beyond the provision of equipment.

Ecodanusa guarantees you the most complete support in pre and post sales throughout the entire partnership,

allowing you to always work with maximum confidence in the performance of your systems.

So that Health never stops!

Expert advice for the choice of the solution

Complete solution installation

User training

Maintenance and 24h technical assistance